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The Universal is a free online game for Windows PCs.

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Latest version : 0.66.0
Updated 11th Apr 2014
Game News
Worlds for all
by: Mit on April 10th, 09:24pm
We are now alpha-ing a 'cloud' hosting system for worlds - login with the new version, click 'Create World' and (theoretically) you'll almost immediately have your own playground to mess around in. F10 takes you to the world editor where you can tweak vehicle settings, game modes, move trees about, paint your landscape, etc etc etc.

Youtube Video

More to follow shortly.. lots of fundamental stuff has changed recently! :]

Back to Space
by: Mit on December 10th, 09:12am
Tomorrow ( probably late tomorrow :] ) we'll be heading back to space (woot!) - all characters will be reset and you'll need to play through the introduction world again. (But this time with a different ending).
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Have a try on Xebec
by: Mit on October 13th, 05:00pm
For the next couple of weeks or so, we'll have a player-built world as your destination when logging in to the game : Stimutac's Xebec has plenty of things to do to keep you interested while I switch everything over to a new phase by November. Enjoy!
Tank Night - Sunday 26th May
by: Mit on May 21st, 05:43pm
On Sunday 26th May, from about 9pm -> Midnight UK time (4pm -> 7pm Eastern) I'll be running a little event to test out some minigame script stuff - and more importantly provide an opportunity to blow each other up in tanks. And etc.
by: Mit on April 4th, 06:35pm
The new client includes a number of bugfixes, some extra information on building displays, some additions to allow more complex scripting on worlds and some for the new introduction world for new players which will be opening shortly. Theres also a pile of new stuff for chapter 5, including Roast Hog and the need for a balanced diet. Check here for more details.
Maps and compasses
by: Mit on April 1st, 11:38am
A new building (Craft Guild) and a new skill (Artisan) have been added to allow production of maps and compasses. Town Mayors can now declare war on other towns (which is mostly symbolic right now ;]). Oh and Fooli has improved the windmill model. More to come later this week.
by: Mit on February 11th, 10:57am
It's now possible for Blacksmiths to make swords. To start off, swordfighting will be in a harmless 'test mode', where you can battle with anyone at will with no consequences. Please let me know (via the forums) if you have any problems with the new interface. In a little while, once we've fixed and tweaked things a bit, the sword battles will be 'for real' and the town wars system will be activated.

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"The Universal is totally unique we urge you to explore it"

The Universal is constantly changing, with new challenges, storylines, events & achievements throughout the year.

Maybe you'll play for ten minutes every few days just to keep yourself alive... or spend weeks building an empire... or go for an 8 hour session blasting other players to bits. Maybe you'll build your own world.

The Universal has endless variety to keep you coming back week after week.

An ever-changing universe
  • Themes and storylines that change from month to month.
  • Different experiences on every planet
  • A whole galaxy to explore

    Online social gameplay
  • Trading, competition and cooperation between players
  • Complex economies
  • Multiplayer minigames
  • Gain skills, experience and achievements

    Action and Minigames
  • Vehicles to drive about in - land, air & sea.
  • Racing, jetpacks, arcade machines
  • Fishing, bongos, Ultrakricket!
  • CTF, robotic laser-firing crows!
  • Chess, Hornball, Pubs!

    User-generated content
  • Players can customise their own world in the galaxy
  • Compete on player-run worlds
  • Build your own world radio station
  • A never-ending supply of new, downloadable content
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